Are space gremlins eating your HTML code? Ok, probably not, but whatever is wrong with your website I can fix it.

Website Repairs and Maintenance

Don't let a broken website break your business as well.

Website repair and maintenance is an important issue.

Because even if you do have a working website, if the pages on it render poorly or they have broken links and missing images you know any potential client is likely to think that it reflects on your business as a whole.

Or maybe you realise that the damage doesn’t even have to be visible. That poor coding and poor basic search engine optimisation might be hurting the success of your website and so dragging your business down too.

But let me help with a website repair service that will transform the impression of your site from a negative to a big positive. Not just for potential customers but also for that all-important visitor you really need to impress, Google.

Fixing website problems like....

  • Broken Page Links - links that should go to other pages within your website but only bring up error messages.
  • Broken Image Links - links to internal or external images that no longer exist.
  • Outdated Content - content that is obviously out of date makes a horrible impression to your customers and to Google.
  • Google Ranking - not just poor content affects your ranking on Google, badly coded pages do as well. - I will adapt or strip out unnecessary code to put that right.
  • Simple Search Engine Optimisation - certain code within a website is crucial to improved SEO. I will make sure those tags are included and fully optimised on every page.
  • Website Additions - you need new pages added to your website but you dont know how.
  • Browser Compatibility - your website might look fine in one browser but a mess in another. I'll check and correct the code so it will look the same in all browsers.
  • Website Crashes - if your website goes down I can respond immediately to the emergency and get it back online quickly.

Perhaps though the problem is not necessarily with your website but that you’ve lost contact or confidence with the original designer and you need someone else to take over.

Whatever it is you want changing on your website, however it isn’t ‘working’ anymore, repairing it needn’t be too difficult or even cost that much.

Not repairing or improving it could be costing more than you know every day.

Free Website Audit

Fancy a FREE website checkup?

There are lots of little things that can be wrong with a website without it appearing obvious. Unfortunately, search engines take a lot of notice of those little things and your website will be lower in the rankings because of them.
So do you know if your website has duplicate ‘Title’ tags or missing H1 tags? Or does it have images with no ‘Alt’ tags, or overlong meta ‘Description’ tags? Or does your website have multiple HTML and CSS validation errors?
I can quickly find out...I have the technology, and I'll provide a free report detailing whether your website does suffer from these issues.
If not, great, you got a free report and maybe you'll use my web design service or recommend me in the future. But if you see your website is affected by these problems you might just ask me to fix them for the small fee I’ll charge.

website audit report 1
website audit report 2
website audit report 3
website audit report 4

What My Clients Say

It has been a great pleasure to work with Glenn as he is very professional, knowledgeable and so easy to get along with, truly a nice guy - and I can't praise him as a person, or his skills, highly enough."

Old Website? I can make it responsive

The World is going mobile. If you don't go with it you'll just be left behind.

With the viewing of websites on tablets and phones now accounting for more than 50% of all views, it's time for websites (and web designers for that matter) to move with the times.
I have, all the websites I create now are responsive as a matter of course, designed to adapt to the size of the screen they're viewed on. But for older websites that are relatively new, look good and function well except they weren't built to be responsive I can bring that site up to date and make it work correctly on the mobile web.
No more pinching and pushing, no more zooming to find the navigation and no more customers leaving that site to find a website that is optimised for small screens.
That can be your website. Make your website the one customers stay on and so more likely to buy from and steal an advantage over your competition.
But just as importantly you need a responsive, mobile friendly website to impress Google too because a site that isn't optimised for mobile screens is relegated down the search rankings in favour of those that are.
Don't let that be you, tell me the name of your website and I'll be happy to provide a quote about making your website responsive.
Keep your customers and your Google ranking.

Rosie the riveter