Privacy Policy

Your privacy is my policy.

Welcome to my privacy policy page. You may however find this one a bit different from others.

Because privacy policies are usually long winded declarations written to cover every scenario and legal contingency possible.

But this privacy policy is simple because what I do is simple, operating as Xtremis Web Design I do NOT collect any personal data from my website visitors.

The only personal information that could be collected from this website is if you voluntarily complete your details on my Contact Page form.

And then I only ever make contact via your phone number or email address because by completing that form you are providing tacit consent and obviously the means to contact you.

Which rather makes me think you want me to.

Your details are then only used for the strict purpose of that contact. If you subsequently choose not to use my services, I will say thank you, good luck and delete your details never attempting to contact you again.

But in regard to my ongoing client's confidentiality which I do take very seriously, Xtremis Web Design will never pass on your personal data to any third party. Nor, in collaborate on a project, will I share your privileged business information or intellectual property with any of my other clients. Ever.

So there it is. Maybe this isn't the most airtight of privacy policies ever written but I thought you would rather read how I operate in plain English.

That's my policy and I'm sticking with it.