Good coding using the latest web design practices will keep your website working well for years to come.

Web Design in Northampton

Although web design is really only part of the service.

To my mind a good web designer should really be first and foremost a good business partner.

Of course it's important for your site to look good and project the quality of your company and there are other web designers who'll provide that for you just as well as I can. But I think beyond just delivering a working website.

I never forget that your website has nothing to do with making me successful, it's all about making you successful.

And I just love to create websites for people. To bring all the pieces of clean design, fast loading code, compelling content and focused search engine optimisation together in a website that will help achieve your aims as a business.

I also enjoy providing the continuing excellent service that will mean you'll always want to keep Xtremis Web Design as a long term business partner.

Because when everything comes together like that, we will all love the end result.

If you operate a small to medium business in Northamptonshire and you want a premium, personal web design service with an ongoing commitment to your website, and your company, you should call Xtremis Web Design.

Get a Free Website Audit

Fancy a FREE website checkup?

There are lots of little things that can be wrong with a website without it appearing obvious. Unfortunately, search engines take a lot of notice of those little things and your website will be lower in the rankings because of them.
So do you know if your website has duplicate 'Title' tags or missing H1 tags? Or does it have images with no 'Alt' tags, or overlong meta 'Description' tags? Or does your website have multiple HTML and CSS validation errors?
I can quickly find out...I have the technology, and I'll provide a free report detailing whether your website does suffer from these issues.
If not, great, you got a free report and maybe you'll use my web design service or recommend me in the future. But if you see your website is affected by these problems you might just ask me to fix them for the small fee I'll charge.

website audit report 1
website audit report 2
website audit report 3
website audit report 4

What My Clients Say

I cannot recommend Xtremis highly enough, especially if you literally have no idea where to start on your website. Glenn is available to answer a question at anytime and genuinely does go that extra mile to help, precisely the reason I chose a smaller company and I'm happy I did. You just wouldn't get that same personal service at a larger organisation."

Free Google Analytics

So now you have a web site how do you track its progress?

When I build a website for clients I automatically create and connect your site to Google Analytics, the amazingly detailed reporting package that reveals exactly how a website is performing. It's a service I provide for free when I build your website and it's totally gratis from Google as well.
Because Google Analytics is a marvellous resource that I want my clients to have, one that identifies a host of important stats about your website. Information such as the number of visitors your website receives, where those visitors live and the exact keywords or referring website they used to find you in the first place. It details their length of visit, the pages they visited and it even breaks down the type of device they used to visit. Basically it details just about everything.
In fact there's so much information you may not know where to start but that's when I'll be there to explain the different features and their importance. Because when you know all about your visitors and their habits, the smarter you can market your site and the more successful your company will be.