Cookie Policy

This is the way the cookie crumbles.

You may be aware of cookies, they are small bits of text code embedded in a website designed to improve its customer experience.

They are particularly prevalent on ecommerce websites or sites using a log-in action and they can store personal information to improve that functionality. Truly, without cookies many of the useful features we take for granted on popular websites just wouldn't be possible.

But for this humble site, the only cookies I use are for Google Analytics and Google Search Console. They are purely statistically based and provide only data such as when a visit has been made to the site, not be whom. Or whether you visited me directly or via a search engine. All a bit nerdy but still interesting stuff to me. But to you, the upshot is that they record absolutely no personal data whatsoever.

And if you are still reading all of this, and do explore my site further, it means I have alerted you to their use and you're ok with that.

Also, it means I can thank you personally. Thank you.