Embrace the mobile web invasion. I'll create your website to adapt to any screen your customers use to view it.

Freelance Web Design in Northampton

Hi, I'm Glenn Ashby and I want to be your creative partner.

Xtremis Web Design is the creative web design company with the positive attitude.

Based in Northampton, the aim is to be the BEST web design company in the world...well at least as far as my clients are concerned. Because as a small one man business, I'm here to provide the can-help, will-help approach that larger web design firms might lack.

After all, your business and satisfaction is that much more important to me, and it's the personal investment to your website's success that helps to distinguish me from other web designers.

Plus I can do it all, whether it's designing your website, building your website or repairing your website. That's either coding from scratch using HTML5 and CSS3, including Bootstrap, or building on the Wordpress platform but always incorporating the highest level of search engine optimisation.

Not only that, I will create your website to be responsive, designed to fit the widest computer monitors but effortlessly adapting and scaling to fit tablets and mobile screens.

And I'll do something most web design firms definitely will not do. I can write your website content for you! I'm a pretty damn good copywriter as well as an above average web designer.

So call me, I'd love to talk, and you can tell me what you need. But if what you need is a premium web design service to create a great looking, well written, Google optimised website which brings in business and that's delivered in style and on time, you're going to be in luck.

Google Ads Partner

I'll make your PPC Advertising a Success

Google Ads work. Yes, of course you have to pay for them but to appear at the top of Google, at the very peak of customer buying intent, is absolutely invaluable. I currently run over 25 Google Ads Accounts, and associated Bing Ads accounts, to very profitable effect for clients. With click-friendly ad copy, focused keywords and highly specific targeting, my typical CTR is an exceptional 10% and some industries an average of 20%! And all that with a lower budget than you might expect because every aspect of the Google Ads accounts I control is so carefully optimised.

For as you may know, if Google Ads isn't set up and managed correctly it can be a very expensive advertising. But as a certified Google Ads Partner and expert I guarantee to take that worry away. With my Google Ads creation and management you'll maximise ROI and potential without the typical wasted spend - more money for you and plenty enough to cover my value for money fee. Call now and ask how Google Ads done right will definitely make your business grow.

Google Partner Badge

What My Clients Say

"It is my pleasure to recommend Glenn after he provided such a fantastic service for me. And in my capacity as a business mentor with Business Link and the East Midlands Development Agency, if anybody asks me for a good web designer, I will tell them to ring him too."

I Can Write Your Content For You!

Not everybody has a way with words - and for a website the right words are essential.

A good web designer knows that the wording of your website is just as important as the way it looks.
Because the art of successful website content is to deliver a powerful, persuasive message but with the hooks of well placed keyphrases and keywords. Essential keywords that not only get the notice of your website audience but also of Google. A skill more relevant than ever now Google give higher priority in their search algorithm to engaging, unique website content.
But most web designers and web design companies leave this absolutely critical part of the process entirely to you. Do you feel confident, or even have the time to write the content for a whole website on your own? Many web design companies won't even start working on your website until all of the content is provided.
That doesn't apply here, I'm good with words, I can write your website content for you. Or if your product is a bit more technical, you provide the outline of your content and I will expand and enhance it using all my SEO techniques.
In your words or mine, together we can create excellent website content to impress all of your customers.
And Google.

*Such as including the search terms that customers will likely use to find you. Notice how many times my own keywords - web designer, web design companies and website are in the text while leaving it still natural to read. This is what Google likes. My trouble is, the other good web designers in Northampton, we're all fighting over the same web design keywords! And the keyword 'web designers in Northampton', or anywhere else in the county such as Wellingborough and Kettering are all very competitive to rank highly for a well. Ok, I'll stop now. That was a bit extreme but it should help me gain a place or two me and you can see what I was doing. In your industry, which probably won't be as competitive as mine, when it comes to finding the right mix of text and keywords to outrank your rivals on Google, I can help.